Our investment strategy focuses on three basic pillars, while also following the rule of diversification.   

At Copré, our investment motto is: diversification.

Our investment strategy aims to ensure the efficient allocation of risk so as to guarantee the safety of the Foundation and to optimise pension conditions for our policyholders. Our foundation prioritises sustainable and local investments that incorporate the concepts of environmental protection, social responsibility and good governance – and always in the interests of those insured.

Our strategy combines three fundamental and complementary pillars. Real estate is characterised by its stability and yields. Shares are a source of growth. And bonds associated with alternative investments help absorb shocks and diversify our investment strategy.

Real estate is an important part of the strategy and includes over 85 properties throughout Switzerland. The stability of returns helps to mitigate stock market fluctuations.

The securities portfolio consists of a mix of index management and non-traditional management, including shares and financial investments in alternative funds, such as private equity.

Management of the Foundation’s assets is handled by our Investment Committee and our CIO, who also commission external experts when necessary. To maintain our independence and optimise costs for our affiliates, we favour so-called “direct” investments.

Our excellent performance, both in terms of quality and yields, has been rewarded with the first prize of the Sonntagszeitung, which confirms our position as a market leader.

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Real estate


Bonds and alternatives