Our investment strategy focuses on three basic pillars, while also following the rule of diversification.   

At COPRÉ, the key words with respect to investment are balance and diversification

Our investment strategy aims to ensure an efficient risk spread so as to guarantee the security of the Foundation and optimise the pension and benefit conditions for our insured persons. Our Foundation gives priority to sustainable and local investments that incorporate the notions of environmental protection, social responsibility and good governance – always in the interests of those we insure. 

Our strategy is designed to be all-round, so that we can weather even the most diffcult economic conditions with confidence. Our approach is based on the long term and on stability. We do not attempt to predict short-term market trends or to take advantage of these often unpredictable movements. 

Our strategic allocation is thus based on three fundamental and complementary pillars. REal estate stands out for its stability and returns. Equities are a source of growth. A bonds combined with alternative investments help to absorb shocks and ensure a diversified investment strategy.

We have a clear preference for real assets like equities, property, infrastructure and commodities. These are better able to protect the Foundation’s commitments towards its insured persons and pensioners, in particular during periods of inflation and financial restrictions, of which negative rates are a well-known instrument. 

Equities provide growth potential and are a key element in our strategy of focusing on real assets. Our equity portfolio is fully invested through funds, and we do not hold any company shares directly. 

The high proportion of alternative investments, over 16% of the assets, is represented in particular by private equity, which we have been deploying since 2015 and which already accounts for more than 6% of our assets under management. 

Management of the Foundation’s assets is handled by our Investment Committee and our CIO, who call upon external experts where necessary – in the same spirit of independence and cost optimisation for our affiliates.

Our excellent results over the long term attest to the pertinence of our approach. Not only do we generate excellent returns, but our investment strategy is also distinguished by its low volatility. In terms of risk-adjusted returns, our Foundation has some of the best results in our industry.  


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