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Occupational pension schemes offer long-term solutions. They must be built on the basis of values that endure. This heading introduces you to our pension fund – an LOB insurance foundation based in Geneva and offered throughout Switzerland – as well as our values, whose stability enhances our credibility.


Our professional life is the period during which we build up the financial resources that allow us to enjoy our retirement. The interest rate, the return on savings, is established on a yearly basis. The higher the interest rate paid annually, the longer the period of LOB contribution and the higher the capital accumulated. The interest rate is so important in the constitution of the LOB savings capital that it is considered as a third contributor, along with the employee and employer. This element, too often underestimated in comparisons, has a major influence on the constitution of your retirement capital.

The rate of conversion of the capital into pensions at retirement age is based on mortality tables, a statistical tool expressing the probability of life expectancy of men and women in a certain population sector. At Copré, this rate is applied without distinction to the capital accumulated, compulsory and non-compulsory. 

The time horizon of a pension institution is long - longer than that of an individual who manages his own affairs, or that of a company. Copré constantly bears in mind that time must work in your favour. For this reason, we always choose the solutions that leave open the most options.

In occupational pensions, even more than elsewhere, "time is money".




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