The individual choice of investment strategy

The economic situation that has prevailed over the last few years has reshaped the landscape of occupational pensions. In this particular context the concept of a partial individualisation of occupational pension plans is gaining ground, especially for salary categories of a certain level. The new Copréflex product meets this demand. It provides the possibility of a choice of investment strategy for one’s pension assets, permits individual involvement, and offers prospects of different returns.


  • New investment alternatives for 2nd pillar savings
  • Investment options adapted to the individual risk profile
  • Individual accountability of the insured person
  • Optimisation of the 2nd pillar


Access level

  • Salary in excess of 150 % of the LOB salary
    (Fr. 126'900.–)



  • Membership of the Collective de prévoyance Copré for the basic plan
  • Membership through Copré of penflex for the framework plan with choice of investment strategy
  • Notification of changes (entry, exit, salary modifications, etc.) to a single entity, i.e. Copré.
  • Individualised choice of investment strategy in the range offered by Pensflex
  • Old-age, disability and death risks covered according to the needs of the enterprise (no standardised plans)



Choice of investment 

Multiple investment choices / Choice of risk by the insured person


Full information on the evolution of the investment and costs


Change of strategy possible during the year in function of personal situation


Opportunity of higher returns


Strategy of the basic plan different from that of the framework plan within the same cover


Overall coordination between private assets and the 2nd and 3rd pillars


Optimisation in the context of the 2nd pillar (buy-ins, savings contributions, etc.)

Death capital

Always paid in addition to insured risk benefits

Employer's obligation 

No commitment to pay required of the employer or independent


No financing of collective reserves: profits fully in favour of the insured

IAS 19

No financial commitment to be taken into consideration in the employer’s accounts


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