Communication of our LOB pension fund

Since 1998 we have been encouraging clear and intelligible communication for the widest possible audience. Our approach and organisation requires receiving the fullest possible information from our insured persons, and we work towards this unceasingly. This heading also provides our affiliates with access on a daily basis to the rules and forms related to occupational pensions.

"Our prime concern is to be, for the enterprises that put their trust in us, a solid and reliable partner, an additional argument to attract talented staff". In occupational pensions, confidence is based on solidity and reliability, in other words the ability to meet one’s commitments and respond to expectations in a sustainable manner.

Our communications are intended to provide information on our operational functioning and our financial situation in the context of the LOB.

Our communications are based on facts: our proven solidity and reliability. These are objective notions arising out of our existence since 1974 and the quality of our balance sheet. Our communications aim to generate confidence and not to give rise to exaggerated expectations. They are designed to be simple, understandable, truthful and comprehensive. The goal is simply to highlight our advantages to SMEs which are not yet aware of them or to 2nd pillar affiliates who wish to learn more.



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