Occupational pension insurance: Management of the 2nd pillar LOB

Management of 2nd pillar of occupational pension insurance (LOB) involves significant activity in managing assets. A pension fund is a social insurance that depends largely on the results of this activity.

This heading provides information on the current performance of our assets as well as on historical data. You will also find the rate of return on savings since 1984 as well as other information such as the evolution of the balance sheet or that of the related funds.


The «Collective de Prévoyance Copré», founded in 1974, at the service of SMEs for forty years. 

Independent since 1998, we offer our insured an above-average return on their capital, without excessive volatility. In 2016, Copré delivered an interest rate of 1.75% on all retirement savings, which is double the required legal minimum (1.25%).

It is worth noting that the average rate attributed over the last 10 years (2.45% without splitting) still remains among the best on the market. The legal minimum interest rate over the same period amounts to 1.90%.

To achieve the legal objectives of occupational pension insurance, the execution of certain specific mandates such as the custodian bank, reinsurance, commercial development, the administrative management of insured accounts and the management of bank or real estate assets is assigned to third parties of our choice.

At Copré, no shareholder or third party entity has to be remunerated, only the assets of our affiliates.

At the closing of each financial year, the Board of Trustees specifies the interest rate on the retirement savings of the insured, taking into account in particular the results of the management of the assets, the operating costs, the strength of the balance sheet and the risks run. Financial security is a constant concern –as demonstrated by the fact that Copré has strengthened its balance sheet by reducing the technical rate from 3% to 2.5%.

Managing the Foundation’s wealth is handled by carefully selected professionals whose mandate is reviewed each year. Diversification is sought with a mix of index-linked and active management. Real estate represents a significant part of the total investments and constitutes one of Copré’s major advantages.

The real estate portfolio, composed of more than eighty properties, is concentrated on the Lake Geneva basin, and is developing in the Swiss-German speaking part of Switzerland. Its excellent rate of return makes it possible to cushion stock exchange fluctuations and represents a guarantee of security and stability for the years to come.

Our desire to be independent is also reflected in the convocation of a general assembly of delegates, a comprehensive website and regular newsletters explaining the most significant events in the life of the Foundation.

Our primary preoccupation is to be, for the enterprises that put their trust in us, a solid and reliable partner, an additional element to attract talented staff.

To satisfy the requirements of these enterprises, we offer them the possibility of having individual reports for their staff as well as an individual choice of investment strategy and tax optimisation for persons whose salary exceeds CHF 126'900.-, with our partner PensFlex, thanks to our joint product CopréFlex.


  • Financial situation under control
  • Strength of the balance sheet and financial security, thanks to a significant proportion of direct real estate investment
  • Stability of premiums
  • Slight decrease of premiums over 2017
  • Long-term profitability
  • Average rate distributed over 20 years: 3.45% (no splitting of rates)
  • Internet portal
  • Access to personal data on-line, simulation of pension situations 



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